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Resurface and Re-invigorate your skin with our range of Lira Clinical Smart Peels.

It is essential before we conduct a Lira Clinical peel, that the skin has been supported with the correct Lira Clinical homecare for at least 2 weeks. To see result we recommend a series of x 6 treatments 2 weeks apart.


* Treatment results and outcomes may vary based on your situation and circumstances Lira clinical is not liable for any complications arising from use.

Lira Clinical Smart Peel Resurfacing Treatments

Many skin conditions can cause your skin to appear dull, wrinkled, spotty, prematurely aged, scarred or uneven.


Our customised Lira Clinical Smart Peels provide practitioners with an array of professional solutions and treatments infused with botanicals, mineral and plant stem cells to resurface the skin, stimulating new cell growth and collagen production for effective, long-term results.

We customise a wide range of peels to improve various skin conditions for the face, neck, chest, hands and body.

Vita Brite Refresh $139 45min

This exclusive treatment contains an elite blend of ingredients to firm, tighten, brighten and hydrate the skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and calms an irritated rosacea skin.

Pumpkin Plus Definer $149 45min

Renew and refresh a dull skin with this universal anti-aging treatment. Packed with antioxidants, plant stem cells, peptides and retinol, healing vitamins leaning the skin vibrant healthy and glowing.

Lactic Clear Definer $149 45min

Correct, clear and brighten the skin with this advanced Lactic acid peel. Designed to improve melasma, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and photo damage. A perfect peel for all global skin types.

Beta Plus Rebuilder $149 45min

Powered by Salicylic Acid and multiple skin brightening agents, Beta Plus is effective in managing and reducing acne, acne breakouts, blemishes congestion and acne scaring.

Sal Pulp Definer $149 45min

Powered by Salicylic Acid, this tropically infused pulp gives versatility to your peel that helps to manage and reduce congestion, acne, acne scaring and uneven skin tone.

Green Power Rebuilder $169 45min

This natural herbal exfoliator awakens the skin with a combination of unique ingredients. Green power will dramatically tighten the skin whilst diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Reduces acnes lesion by up to 40% within 30 days and reduces acne scaring, manages unwanted pigmentation.

Hydroxy 30 Rebuilder $199 45min

The most advance peel in the Lira range to specifically target skin conditions of Glycation, deep wrinkles, fine lines, even out skin texture whilst building a healthier skin.

Mineral Jessner Rebuilder $239 45min

Lift & Peel. 

The gold standard of peels, the Mineral Jessner corrects stubborn fine lines and winkles, lightens pigmentation and reduces the appearance of acne scars. Contains a healing combination of plant stem cells, green tea extract, colloidal silver and gold. The beautiful ingredient blend allows for more corrective results with less down time. 


*Mild to moderate peeling may be expected post peel.

Mineral Jessner Rebuilder $239 45min

Shed & Release 

This cutting-edge retinol solution heals, restores and reveals beautiful skin. The mineral retinol solution has innovative formulation infused with gold and silver minerals, plant stem cells and advanced ingredients. Can be used as a standalone resurfacing solution or a booster with other Lira’s treatments. 


*Mild to moderate peeling may be expected post peel.

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